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The legal name & address of our company:

Polish Bookstore & Publishing, Co., Inc.
161 Java St.
Brooklyn, NY 11222

e-mail: sales@sweetpoland.com

tel.  718 349-2738   

(Monday-Saturday 11 am - 9 pm, Sunday 11 am-5 pm)

fax: 718 389-7050    (24 hours)

Our websites:




We are incorporated in New York State

We started in 1990 as a traditional bookstore offering Polish language literature on the American market. Very soon we realized how important it is to reach people that cannot just visit Polish neighborhoods in New York and Chicago to purchase books. We quickly turned into a mail order company producing book catalogs reaching the whole country and some Polish-Canadian readers. We also kept enlarging our offer: adding videos, CD's, multimedia, audio books. In 1999 we made our first catalog named “Poland Sweet Poland” where we for the first offered Polish gourmet products. It was a huge success! And it also gave us an idea for a creation of SweetPoland.com

Joining the Internet revolution became a very natural step for us since we always wanted to reach anybody interested in the Polish culture regardless of where he resides. Also thanks to the Internet we can expand our borders. Not only we are able to offer many more books but we can also add Polish art, and on this site - Polish gourmet specialties.

Our website is easy to search. We accept major credit cards as well as check payments.

We have a secure server. You can visit us, search and order your favorite merchandise 24 hours. Our customer service can always help you with your choice!




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